Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A bit about me and this blog

While I was brainstorming my doula business I came up with an "About me" section and a "Mission statement". Let me share parts of them with you:

About me:
Holding a profound respect for the entire continuum of women's reproductive health choices, Kate is hoping to eventually become a midwife. She maintains a true commitment to supporting and nurturing all women in their birth choices with compassion and positive energy.

My Doula Mission Statement:
I deeply believe that birth is a rite of passage- powerful, beautiful and intense. My personal intention for every birth is that the mother feels empowered and supported, no matter what.

As my birth career is progressing, I am realizing more and more that my interests extend way beyond natural birth. This blog has been a marvelous tool for allowing me to actively research these other fields of study and to gather up the best resources on the topics at hand.

Not all birth professionals tackle some of the stickier subjects but, recognition and support of this continuum feels essential to me. I am not here to only advocate for natural childbirth or home birth or VBAC. Actually, I am not here to advocate for any thing but merely to inform. Reproductive choices from abortion to birth to assisted reproductive technologies are all ultimately choices about parenting. All are rites of passage to respect and honor. This blog has certainly covered all of these subjects before but, I thought I would just state my intentions and thus, leave the doors wide open for any exploration that may happen.

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