Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, Friday

Round-Up, Round-Up

Graphic-novel style birth story link from Public Health Doula

RH Reality Check answers the question: "If you had sex a week or days after your period can you get pregnant?" and talks about fertility cycles.

Look at this "The Rythmeter", an early device for the rhythm method!

Great post on Epidural Rules (these might be a nice resource for the birth bag) from Empowering Birth Blog (originally via Nursing Birth)

Beautiful placenta prints from Stand and Deliver

A Dressed Up Delivery Kit
posted by Radical Doula- I think it's gross, what do you think?

What is it like to be a baby? Article from Seed Magazine discusses.

Please Sign Petition Supporting Medicaid Payments to Birth Centers from Our Bodies Our Blogs. This is important- please pass this along.

Sign up for (or dream about signing up for) one of these amazing journeys with House of La Matrona

Take this quiz about what birth control method is best for you (from NYC Unrated and Unfiltered)

Ricki Lake on the Today Show promoting her new book, Your Best Birth

This Spanish Mattress Ad. (this has certainly made its rounds of the blog world and for good reason!)

Video of a C-Section for the birth of twins from Fit Pregnancy

Newscast on ABC: Keeping C-sections to a Minimum

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