Tuesday, June 17, 2008

midwife to us all

Ina May.

When I was first starting to get my prickling intuition that I might want to be a midwife, a friend gave me Spiritual Midwifery. Truth be told, it scared me- there was just too much. Too much birth, too many hippies. I had to be ready for it.

I've stated carrying to to births with me as a reminder how simply beautiful and natural birth can be. The language of the book is amazing- powerful and positive and the images of the beautiful hippie moms and dads (full beards and long hair) are super cute.

I had the pleasure of hearing this amazing woman speak last Saturday at the Open Center. She was so smart, warm, funny and down to earth- a true inspiration both in terms of her advocacy and innovation in the field of natural childbirth and raising awareness of maternal mortality in America but also for her playful and respectful attitude that she seems to maintain regardless of situation or audience.

She could not recommend this book highly enough:

I love this clip of her talking about childbirth (and breast milk ice cream!):

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