Tuesday, June 17, 2008

welcome, full moon

In birth there is no real, set due date. The "due date" of a baby is determined 280 days to the approximate first day of your last menstrual period or 266 days from conception. It is not a guess nor is it a perfect science-- it is personal, up to the mother and the baby to decide upon their special mix of hormones and development.

I had wanted to stat this blog on a number of important days: Mother's Day, Father's Day, my birthday- all for symbolically obvious reasons but the timing was not right. Perhaps I had too much anxious anticipation or perhaps the ideas and inspirations I hope to set forth in space had not yet matured and maybe I was not yet relaxed enough to allow them to come through me in a fluid way. But I am now ready to begin to share with you and hope that you will join the conversation and use this blog as a tool or resource or a jumping off point or maybe just as a bit of interest and entertainment.

One of my most important jobs as a doula is to protect the sacred space of a birth. I have learned to set down my own intentions for the birth, to embrace the intentions of the mother for the birth and then know to step back to respect the intension of the birth itself allowing it to unfurl as it may. I set forth his blog a safe space for all of those participating in birthing - it is a wise and deep community; I look forward to this new learning journey.

Tonight is a full moon. The full moon symbolizes motherhood, nurturing and fulfillment. It is a time of enhanced intuition and deepening of internal desires. It has been said that a full moon is a powerful trigger for the onset of labor- the mothers amniotic sac syncing with the rest of the planet’s water in oceans and rivers responding to the moon’s gravitational pull.

Welcome, new friends.

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