Friday, July 18, 2008

Become a doula

When people ask me why I have decided to become a midwife, my general response is "oh, long history.. feminist notions..mind". Yes, most importantly intuition. I do feel that helping a woman thought this rite of passage, this liminal event is my calling.

But what really confirmed it for me was becoming a doula. It was in my training workshops, surrounded by brave, compassionate, smart peers, that I felt centered and inspired. And important. I made incredible friends, have a
wise community from which to draw and feel like I am serving women in a tangible and significant way.

If you're in New York and would like to become a doula, on of my doula teachers is offering a workshop series in the coming weeks. It will be taught at the
Open Center and Celeste is offering a free intro class on this Friday, July 25th.

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