Sunday, July 20, 2008

S.F. heart

You know you've become part of an obvious trend when the New York Times writes an article about it... in my case it is my passage
(“flowing in and out”, if you will)
between Brooklyn and the Bay Area: the two places [described] as the ultimate “idiosyncratic communities” in the United States.

I lived in San Francisco before I moved to New York. It is still the place that I most consider home (to the extent that I am loyal to my hairdresser and have a running grocery shopping list for things from Rainbow). I thought I'd share some SF resources for surely, as my demographic peers, you have a sister or friend or cousin that is going to have a No Cal baby.

Childbirth Classes:

Natural Resources is a lovely little shop/ resource center and offers many classes.

Resourceful Groups
San Francisco Doula group

Le Leche League of California
Bay Area Homebirth Collective

Sage Femme Midwifery and Wise Woman Childbirth Traditions

Birth Professionals:

Bitt Fohrman taught at my yoga studio and is also a doula and birth photographer.
Jane Austin, also a yoga teacher, is amazing (and featured in
the beautiful film It's My Body, My Baby, My Birth)

Social advocacy surrounding pregnancy in CA:
-an amazing and innovative Homeless Prenatal Program
-really great groundbreaking paid family leave policy

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