Monday, August 25, 2008

Rip tides

This business of birth is still new to me... I've had these themes and notions knocking around in my head for a while but the actual hand-on experience is still so new. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in birth up to my eyeballs. Saturated and overwhelmed. But the intensity of the experiences and facts and emotions and energy ebb and a bait. And I'm ready to gear up again.

Here are some great things that have been happening 'round the blog world while I've been hunkering down to catch my breath.

- Riki Lake's new blog, chock full of beautiful birth stories.
- What a cervix looks like (!) on Better Birth.
- A news piece on Infant Mortality in Tennessee on 20/20 as posted on Women's Health News
- About the Birth Survey-- Giving Birth With Confidence
- NYC high abortion rate on the radio from RHrealitycheck.
- Birthfest 2008 in San Francisco posted by
Women in Charge

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